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Why Competitive SEO Keyword Research so Important?

We discussed keyword research strategy in order to boost traffic, leads, and sales to find profitable or SEO Keyword Research.

When it comes to web content, whether it’s blogging, landing pages, or social media posts, every word counts. Including a few relevant keywords in your text can make the difference between the view of Google's page 1 and page 2.

If you are unsure if this matters, consider that websites that appear on page 1 get 91.5% of traffic. When your site is on the second page, you only get 4.8% of the traffic, and with page 3, it still drops to 1.1%. So you can see that the location of your content has a significant effect on the number of people who view it.

Competitive SEO keyword research services are a crucial part of a company's long-term digital content strategy. Properly done competitive keyword research will uncover additional growth opportunities online. The combination of competitive SEO keyword research (competing customer acquisition), general industry keyword research (customer acquisition), and developed person (keyword communication in content) creates a comprehensive strategy.

There are many ingredients that makeup winning content, including robust technical search engine optimization, creative design, and a well-optimized website. But without keyword research, your site will not perform like your competition. Adding keyword research strategies to your content marketing is a winning formula that will put your site on top and keep you on page 1 of Google consistently.

At RankWisely, our team of SEO and digital marketing copywriters research your business and industry to find the right keywords to incorporate into your company's digital marketing strategy.

Rankwisely Keyword Research Services

Rankwisely keyword research services
Rankwisely Keyword Research Services

RankWisely will perform an initial competitive keyword analysis using SEO keyword research tool.

We use keyword research tools such as Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, Google Keyword Planner, SurferSEO keyword research, etc.

We'll take a look at the keyword ranking positions for common industry keywords for you and three competitors. Rank # 1-10 would mean organic first page rank on Google; # 11-20 would mean organic second-page rank, etc.

Once our initial keyword analysis in SEO is complete, we'll provide you with recommendations on how your site can perform better than your competition. Here are SOME TIPS of what our digital marketers might find out from their keyword research services:

• The business has a high chance of ranking well in Google searches, but currently does not have a first-page ranking due to a lack of relevant keywords and keyword phrases.

• We will see in which local cities your site is doing well and where not.

• Lack of hyper-local pages to get those transactional keywords.

• Recommend pages focused on site-specific transactional keywords.

• Many pages may not have enough internal links, that is, when a web page has a link to another internal page. For example, on the landing page, your business's specific service is mentioned, but there is no link to the page for a user to learn more about that specific service. It also makes it harder for Google's bots to crawl the sites to make sure they have the right pages to match the user's search query.

Using keywords in your SEO content

On-page SEO HAS TO DO WITH ENHANCING the individual pages of your website to get higher rankings and get more relevant traffic from search engines. "On-Page" refers to both the content and the HTML source code of a page that can be optimized.

Some of the steps that can be included in keyword research technique include:

• Optimization of transactional service pages based on existing keywords to win any service-related search query.

• Update your website Meta tags to maximize your search potential

• Use keyword optimization tools to write search engine specific web copy for your transactional service pages to outperform your competition.

• Create new service area-specific pages to gain hyperlocal search queries.

• Create service pages to earn those search terms.

• Recreating service pages to remove duplicate content from your site

• Restructure the site navigation to include these new pages on the new website.

• Carrying out of an internal liaison audit

• Continuously monitor any change in classification after optimization, determine if it is successful or make necessary changes

 Meanwhile, a long tail keyword phrase is usually made up of two or more words used by visitors using search engines with the desire to find information based on that particular phrase.

Our long-tail keyword services include:

• Run a blog check for redundant content and optimize for any under performing posts.

• Check internal links to make sure search bots can crawl all pages

• Have fully optimized existing blogs, researching competitive gaps in content, developing a program to write those articles and promote them to get backlinks to your site.

You can have great content on your site, but it may not look high in the search engines simply due to the lack of keywords and SEO keyword phrases. RankWisely team of digital marketing experts will quickly spot these issues and rank your content higher in no time.

If you have any questions about SEO Keyword Research then you can contact us. We will more than happy to assist you to bring more visibility and profitability to your doors.

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