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What are enterprise SEO tools (and does your business need them)?

We highlighted all you need to know about enterprise SEO tools and how they benefit.

This is a full-fledged article on all things enterprise SEO (Search Engine Optimization). So, brace yourself for a long ride.

Among the list of things we’ll be discussing are:

  1. What are SEO tools?
  2. What are enterprise SEO tools?
  3. Is enterprise SEO necessary?
  4. Benefits of enterprise SEO tools
  5. What are the best enterprise SEO tools?

What are SEO tools?

SEO Tools

SEO tools refer to a collection of resources, software, and services used to strategize and implement SEO techniques. For starters, we all know what SEO techniques entail. So, the tools we use to execute these techniques are what we call SEO tools.

For example, an SEO tool can be something like software you use to audit a site's SEO challenges. Or it can be a service that provides information on backlinks, keywords, and competition.

In short, any tool that lets you work on a site’s optimization potential is an SEO tool.

What are enterprise SEO tools?

“If that’s what an SEO tool is about, then what’s the deal with enterprise SEO tools?” you might ask.

“Enterprise SEO tools” simply refers to software or services designed for the SEO needs of enterprise-level companies.

From that definition, I expect you to ask: “Does that mean there are specialized SEO tools for small businesses and specialized tools for large enterprises?”

And the answer is YES, there are.

If you think about it, you’ll agree that small businesses don’t usually have the same customer base, business size, budget size, and website reach as most enterprise-level companies. When it comes to their SEO, you can't expect them to depend on the same tools as these larger entities.

Enterprise-level companies usually require more expansive tools to handle their SEO needs. Why? Because site structures and traffic volumes are usually much greater.

It’s from this perspective that the concept of “Enterprise SEO tools” emerged. 

Is enterprise SEO necessary?

This is a question I found myself asking the first time I learned about enterprise SEO tools. If small businesses can rely on online resources and DIY guides, why can't larger companies tap into the same resources to tend to their SEO needs? I mean, why bother spending top dollar on specialized tools?

Based on the facts established earlier, it would be unwise for an enterprise-level company to rely on the same DIY guides or simple resources as SMEs. They have a wider audience base, greater traffic, and larger web pages. That means they can’t afford to joke around with their SEO.

Asking whether an enterprise-level company needs enterprise-level SEO tools is like asking a large firm why they use recruitment tools and don’t hire based on word-of-mouth..

So, yes, enterprise SEO tools are absolutely necessary for enterprise-level companies.

What are the benefits of enterprise SEO tools?

  • Ability to cover big SEO needs. Only an enterprise-level SEO tool can handle the technicalities of sites with complex structures and huge traffic volume.
  • Many tools, one interface. Enterprise SEO platforms perform many tasks in one system.
  • More efficient management of global SEO operations.
  • The ability to stay up-to-date with search engines.
  • Automated reporting to provide data in near real-time.

What are the best enterprise SEO tools?

Now that we know what enterprise SEO tools are and why your company needs them, let's explore the best options you have.

Here are the best enterprise SEO platforms you can incorporate into your business marketing system today.

  1. Conductor Searchlight
  2. seoClarity
  3. SearchMetrics
  4. BrightEdge
  5. Linkdex
  6. Sitebulb (Site Audit)
  7. SEMRush (Keyword Research)
  8. Ahrefs (Inbound Links)
  9. MarketMuse
  10. SparkToro (Audience Research)
  11. BrightLocal (Local Search)
  12. Screaming Frog (Broken Links) 
  13. Google Search Console (Keyword Research)
  14. Bing Webmaster Tools (Keyword Research)

Conductor Searchlight

Conductor Searchlight is one of the best AI-driven SEO platforms money can buy. And I say that with absolute confidence.

At its core, this tool does the following things:

  • It leverages integrations with Adobe Omniture and Moz OpenSite Explorer to provide a complete daily snapshot of your search rankings.

That means it helps you see clearly where your pages rank on search engines. 

  • It offers you plenty of tools to analyze your business niche and determine the best-performing content/keywords.

I love this feature because it allows you to know which keywords and content to target to rank better.

  • It does a thorough assessment of your site through its AI-centric system, then suggests simple changes you can make to boost rankings.

For example, let’s say your landing page isn’t doing well. Conductor Searchlight can make some link building and keyword suggestions to help fix things.

The only downside is that you need a team of SEO experts to fully harness the abilities of Conductor Searchlight. Without that, you may under utilize the tool.

Pricing: $2,000+/month


seoClarity is one of the most team-friendly tools you’ll ever come across. If your organization relies on a team of professionals to execute its SEO campaigns, then this is a platform you cannot ignore.

At its core, this tool allows you to create customizable SEO dashboards from which your team can communicate, audit, and execute all desired SEO techniques.

Additionally, if your business is locally inclined, you also get a feature that allows you to target local-intent searchers. That is, people searching for keywords relating to your business in a given area.

You also get a feature that helps you analyze your web pages to identify opportunities for boosting your search rankings.

As far as link building goes, seoClarity:

  • Constantly briefs you about pages on your site that need inbound links the most.
  • Shows if there are broken links on your site.
  • Helps you identify canonical issues like duplicate content or multiple URLs carrying similar content.
  • Alerts you to changes in the page rank of inbound domains. That means you don’t keep linking to domains that have lost their relevance and authority.

Pricing: $3000-$5000+/month


One thing SearchMetrics does better than the rest is its service segmentation.

Unlike most enterprise SEO platforms that cram all their services into one big bag of dashboard, SearchMetrics segregates their services into simple, easy to grasp groups.

At its core, you’ll find four major SEO services to leverage on this tool. These include:

  • Research Cloud
  • Content Experience
  • Search Experience 
  • Site Experience

Research Cloud: This is the part that helps you with things like keyword research, content research, competitor research, etc. For example, you can easily do competitor lookups and comparative views with your own site.

Content Experience: This is where you optimize all your site content for search rankings. Here you’ll find content reporting, SEO-optimized content, and content analytics.

Search Experience: Here, you get tools to implement various SEO strategies, including on-page optimizations, ranking, and competitions.

Site Experience: This allows you to do site crawl and backlinking.

Pricing: $69+/month


When you buy the BrightEdge suite, you get a unique metric called Share of Voice. This metric measures your site's online visibility based on some important site signals like local carousel, videos, images, links, and e-commerce signals.

The idea is to find out how these signals are contributing to the success or failure of your site’s rankings.

With the information you get from this metric, you can easily see what you need to fix in your site's SEO.

BrightEdge does competitor analysis, too. In that regard, the tool helps you snoop on your competitors to see their site templates, page performances, target keywords, and inbound links.

With this information, you can see what your competitors are doing well. Then you can either copy them or come up with a unique strategy to beat them.

 Pricing: $4000+/month


As the name implies, Linkdex is an SEO tool that uses link building to help your site gain a better search index.

Like most link-building tools, this platform helps you see the domains your competitors are linking to and the pages that have linked to them.

But in addition to this, you get a task management dashboard that allows you to jot down important notes as you analyze your competitors’ backlinks.

Let's say you find a prospective domain from the analysis and make an outreach to the webmaster. Linkdex allows you to document this on the dashboard so that other team members can see where you are in the link-building process. 

That is, they can see:

  • How many competitors’ backlinks you’ve analyzed.
  • How many of the analyzed backlinks (domains) you’ve pitched.
  • How many of the pitched domains have responded, and how many have rejected your offer.

Pricing: $600-$1200 per month

Sitebulb (Site Audit)

Sitebulb is one of the best SEO auditing tools around. As you know, an SEO audit is crucial to any SEO campaign. It’s what helps you see which areas need fixing and which are up-to-standard.

And on this front, Sitebulb does a great job.

The list of auditing reports you get from Sitebulb include:

  • SEO metric measurements
  • SEO error determiner
  • SEO opportunities identification
  • Update implementation

Finally, Sitebulb provides simple, easy to understand explanations for every issue discovered. That means you don’t have to scratch your head every time a client or your boss asks you why you’ve suggested a certain SEO fix.

Pricing: $13.5-$35/month

SEMRush (Keyword Research)

Imagine being able to assess the amount of traffic a certain keyword is sending the way of your competitors.

Not just that.

What if you’re now able to find a way to steal this traffic from under the noses of your competitors (at least legally) and use it better than them?

Well, that’s a quick summary of what SEMRush does best.

At its core, SEMRush is a keyword research tool that identifies the position at which a keyword ranks, estimates the amount of traffic it's driving to a site (yours or a competitor’s), and provides the keyword's search volume.

With this information, you can easily see where you're lagging behind your competition. You can even spot opportunities that nobody else in the industry is leveraging.

Additionally, SEMRush helps with topic research and SEO copywriting auditing.

Pricing: $99-$399+/month

Ahrefs (Inbound Links)

Link building is one of the identities of a proper SEO campaign, and that’s what Ahrefs helps with.

Ahrefs is an enterprise SEO tool that displays an accurate number of backlinks to a domain. That is, it shows a site owner how many INBOUND links they have connected to their page.

You also get information like:

  • What page a link goes to
  • When a link was last active
  • Social signals associated with each inbound link
  • Which pages receive the most inbound links
  • What day of the week the highest number of backlinks was generated
  • The existence and locations of broken links

Pricing: $99-$999/month


MarketMuse is not an SEO tool, per se. But it is a tool for writing SEO content. (You may want to read that again.)

As one user puts it, 

“MarketMuse is a content-planning tool that uses AI to pull data from all the top-performing websites on a particular search term. Based on that information, it makes recommendations about how long your piece on the same topic should be, as well as the relevant keywords and subtopics to include.”

Sound simple enough?

If you have a content marketing team, they couldn't be happier about this tool, because it makes SEO writing a lot easier.

Imagine you're a writer, and you have a tool that helps you determine how long your article should be, what links to add, what keywords to target, and what subtopics to discuss. Wouldn’t you like that?

Pricing: $1,500/month

SparkToro (Audience Research)

Every SEO professional will tell you that SEO doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Instead, it exists in tandem with other digital marketing disciplines. One of those disciplines is social media marketing.

Sometimes, to execute an effective SEO campaign, you need to understand certain behavioral data about your audience. And the best place to find this data is social media.

This is where SparkToro comes in. SparkToro is an enterprise SEO tool that helps businesses uncover rare audience data.

In practice, you can use SparkToro to find out about your audience using details like keywords, topics, hashtags, social media handles, and websites.

Once you search, SparkToro shows you a ton of invaluable audience insights, such as the social accounts your audience is following, YouTube channels they watch the most, podcasts they listen to the most, sites/niches they visit the most, and so much more.

Pricing: Free

BrightLocal (Local Search)

It’s no secret that some business enterprises rely heavily on local customers. If your business is one such enterprise, then BrightLocal is for you.

BrightLocal is an enterprise SEO tool designed for businesses that need to attract locally-based audiences or rank on the SERPs for local-search intent.

At its core, this tool helps with:

  • Tracking search engine rankings
  • Monitoring site and online reviews
  • Building citations
  • Auditing your Google My Business Page

Pricing: Above $79

Screaming Frog (Broken Links)

Screaming Frog is the perfect tool for anyone looking to approach SEO from the angle of link building.

With Screaming Frog, you enjoy the ability to do two major things:

  1. Crawl your website for the existence of broken links and wrong redirects. For example, let’s say you’ve accidentally made the content of a web page appear on another web page. This tool will help you identify and correct this mess.
  2. It helps you target sites which you’d like to link to. First, you tell the tool which site you’d like to target for links, and the tool crawls this site for the existence of broken links. If it finds one, it notifies you. Then you can contact the publisher to offer one of your URLs as a replacement.

Pricing: $0-$180/year

Google Search Console (Keyword Research)

Google Search Console is a popular SEO tool amongst small business owners and SEO marketers, but enterprise-level businesses can leverage it too.

At its core, Google Search Console is best for conducting behavioral research, including:

  • Click-through rate (CTR)
  • Clicks
  • Impressions
  • Up-to-date search metrics

It can also be used for:

  • Measuring site traffic
  • Obtaining keyword performance
  • Fixing SEO-related issues
  • Receiving insights from Google regarding your site's performance in the SERPs

Pricing: Free

Bing Webmaster Tools (Keyword Research)

I know this may hit you differently, but people still use Bing. In fact, according to Backlinko’s 2021 market research, Bing enjoys roughly 7% of the search engine market share.

You know what this means for your business? That you can find even more relevant keyword data. Whenever you’re stuck with keyword research for your business, try Bing’s keyword tool. You just might find a decent keyword to target.

Pricing: Free

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