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How to get thousands of backlinks without sending any outreach email

It sounds like not possible to get links without sending outreach emails. But what if I tell you that we worked with our client and proved that we won leads and backlinks without even sending emails? That's what the article is all about.

Are you looking for new ways to increase the number of backlinks to your website? These strategies will increase website traffic beyond your wildest dreams. And you won't need to use an outreach email to get these backlinks.

Even though SEO has changed over the years, backlinks continue to be one of the most crucial SEO ranking elements. When you publish content on your website but don't get any traffic, most times, the reason can be linked to not having external websites link to you (backlinks).

While there are plenty of other reasons a site may not be getting traffic, backlinking is still one of the most crucial. Hence, the reason nobody jokes with them.

Why do you need to build your backlinks?

For the development of your website, backlinks are crucial. Your website's content will perform better in search engine results if more credible links are connected.

In addition, by creating links to fresh articles, you can speed up their ranking. The quantity of relevant links referring to a piece of content or website is undoubtedly one of the many variables Google considers when deciding how to rank a page.

Finally, you may rank for highly competitive, high-volume keywords that you would not otherwise have a chance to rank for by building links. If you have a tiny site and want to compete with the more significant authority sites that often rank for these keywords, you will need substantial backlinks pointing to your articles.

Suppose you plan to build your link strategy without an outreach email strategy. The following are the things you should keep in mind and try out:

Original data

Although doing research and surveys takes time and money, sources like Hubspot and ConversionXL often do so and publish the results since they build backlinks.

Additionally, you can contact other businesses that perform research and publish it in PDFs.if you can't do it yourself, you can look for researchers to do it and pay afterward. To receive a link to their landing page where you can download the complete report, ask them for the PDF and write a brief blog post explaining the results or portions of them. Simply put, you're reporting on it. Even if the data isn't yours, you'll still get a lot of connections and social traffic.

After all, websites like ScienceDaily and other science media do it daily. They report on and summarize the most recent academic studies, citing the research in their work.

When your content is prepared, it might be helpful to use the following in the headline:

  • Fresh Study
  • New Results
  • New Information

With this approach, individuals searching on Google or social media will see that it is based on research and be interested in reading your content.

Reach out to several businesses you have connections with who would be interested in sharing your research when you share original data. You can write to them and make a straightforward request: "Here is the research we conducted and the article of the research; perhaps it will be useful to you in the future."

Create Long-Form Guides

Many publications provide content with low word counts and reduce their word counts. Making 10x content and making it available for free can help you attract many backlinks.

Finding something worthwhile that readers will want to read, researching the competitors, and coming up with something ten times better are all necessary. You will write approximately 15,000 words and divide the organization into many chapters (or have a writer you pay to do it).

Interview an Influencer

interview of influencer

Influencer marketing is currently quite popular. Most companies try to figure out how to get a prominent athlete or celebrity to endorse their goods. Or even better, work together as business partners.

However, if obtaining backlinks is something you're interested in, you have another option. Interviewing an influencer is one way to gain knowledge that can benefit your audience. If you don't have connections, you'll need a firm grasp of email outreach and interpersonal skills.

If you get the job, be respectful of the interviewer's time and be prepared with insightful questions. Most influencers won't want to talk for more than 15 minutes, but if you're an intelligent interviewer and ask insightful questions, it should be enough time to get helpful information from them.

You can publish your interview as a video or a transcript. If you can make a high-quality video, that would be a good preference. If not, continue to the interview transcript.

Publish infographics

Incorporating an infographic into your content is the first strategy for gaining natural backlinks. A visual representation of the information in your post is called an infographic.

Also, these will draw links to your website from other websites in addition to a ton of social media shares. You can even get requests from other people to post your infographic with a link back to your website on their website.

Furthermore, finding a topic that works well as an infographic, followed by writing the copy and making the graphs for the infographic, is the most challenging step in the process. A great designer will relieve you of a lot of the burden. Just choose a subject, provide the content, and allow the designer to do the necessary work.

Your infographic might be downloaded and posted on numerous other websites. This is why including your logo on the infographic is helpful; even if you don't acquire the backlink, your business will still receive some exposure online. Again, to make it simple for people to integrate it on their website, don't forget to include an embed code at the bottom.

You can add a keyword to the embed code if you want to score highly for a specific term.

Make a quiz

Quizzes are well-liked and frequently shared. Similar to how you would use an infographic, if you create something on your website, you can add an embed code and obtain backlinks.

People ought to appreciate taking your quizzes. It is not required that they be knowledge tests. Please design something that inspires individuals to reflect on themselves.

The outcome then creates something that may be shared with others.

For your website, you can make quizzes using the Buzzfeed tool.

Use testimonials

A win-win situation is when a testimonial is provided for free. Your name, your company name, and a link back to your website are all listed on their website, along with a testimonial for the business.

It goes without saying that to contact these businesses, you must already be a customer of their goods or services. Don't offer a testimonial for companies that you don't use.

Many website owners utilize this to build links back to their websites. Additionally, you can include this in your marketing plan.

Insert Videos

One advantage of including videos on your website is that they're more likely to be shared. Although it's not a requirement, it's preferable if the videos are your own.

Also, the videos used must complement your content post on your website. It also has to be funny and exciting to your readers.

Guest Blogging

guest post and link building for SEO

It is an additional strategy for increasing exposure and links. If you're a competent writer, guest blogging can be free, but it can be paid if you employ a ghostwriter instead. I advise hiring a ghostwriter if you haven't already written for other blogs. A high-quality essay might not cost much.

Avoid going overboard and including too many links to your website when utilizing this tactic. Be reasonable with it (maybe 1-3 for every 2000 words), and confirm that the blog's owner is alright with it. If not, you might wish to move your content elsewhere.

Make sure to use your byline appropriately as well. Be succinct and to the point. Tell the audience who you are, what you do, and the benefits you can provide. Put a link to your website. If you can also add links to other website sections, that's a plus.

Suppose you are having difficulty with how to go about this approach, you can hire a pro guest posting company. These companies have the necessary know-how required to execute a successful guest blogging campaign.

Add facts

Any time you present factual information about an issue, it has a significantly better possibility of getting linked to it, much like graphs and tables do.

For instance, if you're writing an article, you might include a statement that should be taken as fact. Use a link to cite a reliable source that backs up your assertion. One of the simplest ways to get organic backlinks to your website is doing this.

Publicity to Improve Page Rank

It's beneficial for public relations and backlinks to have positive ties with journalists and news organizations. A journalist should not, however, be asked to promote your business via cold email. That will not work and will harm your reputation.

Use Help a Reporter Out is something you can attempt, but don't rely on it. To help journalists, you must go above and beyond to get to know them. Reciprocity underpins all successful interactions.

When you write a post, try to reach out to others.

Linking to other businesses and publications is likely when you produce a blog post. When you do that, you should try to get in touch with the owners of those businesses or authors of those articles to let them know you included them in your blog post.

They might post it on social media or refer to you in a later piece. Always rely on the rules of reciprocity.

It's crucial to refrain from requesting a backlink when contacting them. Inform them that you wish to share their article, post, or company on your blog by contacting them. Then distribute the blog post's link. You'll appear desperate, and nobody likes to appear desperate.

Finally, avoid creating blog posts with a large number of links. This will make you appear awful because you are dispersing links to request a link back if you do it and contact each person you connect to.

Limit the links you include in your blog postings, and always credit other bloggers and businesses.

Quality Blogs with Quality Comments

This can be one of the best ways to gain visibility. You will also get backlinks if the comments are not nofollow.

Making intelligent, pertinent comments that advance the conversation should be your top priority when posting a comment. Great post; keep it up! It is not an intelligent or relevant comment that extends the conversation.

It should be evident from your remark that you took the time to read the blog post or article in question and have something original to contribute. Like the posts you publish, your comments should be of the highest caliber and be helpful.

By default, the WordPress commenting plugin Commentluv employs dofollow comment URLs. It is advised that you find these sites, subscribe to them, read their posts as they are released, and leave comments as soon as they are online.

Create a list

A list post, like the one you're reading right now, provides several points regarding a particular subject, such as "The 10 Best Ways to Find the Restaurants in Your Area." These posts are great for posting on social media because they get a lot of clicks.

Social media shares may not be as valuable as links from authoritative websites. However, they still assist in promoting your content, and as it is shared more and more, you will start to obtain higher-quality backlinks.

Introduce graphs and tables

Including graphs and tables in your text is a fantastic additional strategy for gaining natural backlinks. It will be far simpler for someone to link to your article with a graph or table when they create a piece on their website than for them to summarize the data themselves.


No one has to beg to get backlinks. It demands backbreaking labor. It requires initiative, hustle, and strong interpersonal skills.

Your top competitors consistently rank first on Google. Don't cold email businesses and blogs to request backlinks. They are working hard to create amazing content that readers will want to share and link to.

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