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How Google’s May 2020 Core Update impacts your business

This isn’t the first time Google will be rolling in an update. In fact, recently, they still did with the January 2020 Update. But what makes the May 2020 core update a pain in the butt of most digital

This isn’t the first time Google will be rolling in an update. In fact, recently, they still did with the January 2020 Update. But what makes the May 2020 core update a pain in the butt of most digital marketers, SEO experts, website owners, and internet users at large is the manner in which the update is revamping SERPs.

Coming at a time when a vast majority of businesses and site owners are still battling the impacts of COVID-19, this update has been met by harsh criticisms, with many folks even going as far as labeling it the “Pandemic Update,” “Corona Update,” and “Forced Update.”

Call it what you want, Google has released it, and the entire internet community is feeling its effects already.

But how exactly does this May 2020 core update impact businesses and their activities on the internet? You may wonder!

Let’s find out.

What does Google’s 2020 Core Update Mean for Your Business?

Just like the other core algorithm updates, Google’s May 2020 core algorithm update has been designed to bring about noticeable changes within the SERPs and is universal for all the geographies and languages across the globe.

Concentrate conclusions about how the update will impact the rankings should be derived only once the algorithm is fully rolled out.

Owing to the coronavirus pandemic, the categories such as travel, tourism, live events, etc. will be less searched terms, and therefore, volatility in these segments comes as no surprise.

However, Google’s May 2020 core update is likely to impact many vulnerable industries, many of which have been adversely affected because of the coronavirus crisis.

By and large, some businesses will lose their rankings on SERPs, while some other gain rankings.  If you noticed that your business had lost ground in the organic rankings, it is normal for you to want to fix things by trying some surefire SEO techniques. But Google advises that there is no quick fix for you because you’ve not lost rank based on quality, but based on relevance. And the other sites ranking above you do so because they proffer better solutions to the search queries of the audience groups researching on the web.

However, there is something you can do to sustain your business amidst the impacts of Google’s newest update.

Just keep pushing and stay focused. The hard work will pay off.

How to sustain your business amidst Google’s May Core Update

For the purpose of sustaining your business during the whirlwind impacts of this update, Google advises that you can ask the following questions of your web content:

Content and quality based questions

Do your contents:

  • Provide original information
  • Describe the topic under consideration in full detail
  • Derive conclusions that beat the obvious
  • Provide information that is worth sharing, bookmarking, or recommending
  • Meet the standards of being referenced in magazines and books

Expertise based questions

Do your contents:

  • Have clear referencing. That is, evidence of the expertise involved
  • Have links to highly-authoritative websites that are well recognized in your industry. If not, you can hire a blog posting service or a guest blogging service to help you out.
  • Have proof of being created by someone who’s well-acquainted with the topic.
  • Free of errors
  • Inspire trust, especially for money-related contents

Presentation-and-Production-based questions

Are your contents:

  • Free of spelling and formatting errors
  • Created in a comprehensive and easy to read format
  • Stuffed with excess ads that interfere with the main content
  • Optimized for accelerated mobile pages (AMPs)

“Expectation is the root of all heartache. – William Shakespeare”

Comparative questions

Do your contents:

  • Provide substantial value when compared to the other SERPs
  • Appear to be addressing the genuine interests of the visitors on the website or have just been haphazardly created for the heck of it
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