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How Do I Make My Website ADA compliant?

The American With Disabilities Act was put into law in the early 1990s to safeguard the rights of people with disabilities and prevent discrimination in public services, employment, and telecommunications. 

First, review the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines that you can find online. These comprehensive guidelines tell you what you and your workers need to know to make your site more accessible. 

Second, your team should do a site audit with a WAVE Web Accessibility Tool. This tool, which is available in Google Chrome and other browsers, can find any accessibility issues in your site so you can correct them. 

If your company is online, it’s vital to know how to make an ADA compliant website. Below is more information to guide you. Keep in mind that most companies cannot always be 100% compliance, but the tips below can help you to make your site as accessible as possible. 

Third, go over your website’s elements and styles, such as headings, links, and buttons. Remember that all kinds of people go to your site, including those with disabilities. For example, if the font on your site is too small, it could be too hard to read for people with vision problems. 

Note that your company always benefits from having the site accessible to as many people as possible, so have an awareness of ADA compliance as you make the site. 

Next, use content writing best practices when you write content. This means that you should keep the website content conversational and simple so people can scan it faster. Using a lot of headlines and subheads improves visibility because it breaks content into smaller sections. 

Many don’t realize it, but it is harder to read copy on a computer or smartphone screen. Break up the content to make it easier for everyone to reading, including those with disabilities. 

Finally, you should regularly do audits of your site’s code and CSS to make sure that best practices are used at all times. Clean up any code that is outdated so that you adhere as much as you can to ADA compliance guidelines. 

If you keep these guidelines in mind, your website will be as ADA compliant as possible, which is so important to increase sales and revenue. Remember that people with disabilities will remember sites that are easy to use for them, so they will come back if you adhere to ADA compliance standards. 

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