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Top 10 hacks to ace your SEO strategies

SEO is a versatile part of marketing strategy for any business that wants to grow organic keywords on google. It's fundamental to know more about it, but by doing it expensively, we can find cool hacks experts use to optimize strategy to make it more effective quickly.

With so many companies from your field and industry present online, there is fierce competition to deal with. As there are billions of searches conducted on prominent search engines like Google, you need to make sure that you have a robust SEO. When the SEO is done the right way, then it becomes the link that binds the company and the clientele. SEO helps generates the leads for the organization with less effort. 

The first page of Google gets as much as 95% of total traffic, whereas the second page of the search engine does not yield much. This is because not even 75% of people move beyond the first page. SEO strategies help the brand to make it to the first page of Google. Companies should focus on improving their organic ranking on search engines. This helps gain visibility among the target audience. Here are the top 10 hacks that will help your brand ace its SEO strategies. 

  1. Quality Content 

Content is the king and will remain so on all mediums of communication. Content is the thing that helps you hold the attention of the audience in the best manner possible. Meaningful content is the bait that not only helps you attract customers but also retain them as well. If the content is good, the chances of customers returning to the website too are high. 

The time that customers spend on your website is referred to as dwell time. This time influences the organic ranking of the website on Google. Good content on the website helps you get more traffic. It entices people to even bookmark your website on Chrome. All this ultimately improves the SEO ranking on the search engine. 

  1. Original Ideas

It is important that you adhere to originality when it comes to content. When you post good quality content, it is required not to forget that originality is equally important. Original content is the foundation of a strong SEO. when you post duplicate content or ideas, it might lead to a dip in SEO rankings on the search engine. 

Also, make sure that you do not republish articles from another website. The internet is brimming with tools that single out plagiarized content. Such tools will make sure that you post only genuine content on your website. Even you can use such tools to post 100% genuine original content. The visitors to your website find you reliable and trustworthy when you post original content. 

  1. Page load time
page load time

In the present era of 5G, customers are averse to websites that load slowly. Such websites damage your image and reputation in the industry. Further, even search engines are able to detect the pace of your website. This ultimately harms the organic rankings of your website. Customer conversion rate dips as well due to turtle-speed websites.

Make sure to remove widgets and elements that are slowing down the speed of your website. You can even hire freelancers to amp up your website. Visitors will keep coming to your website if the webpage loads within three seconds. Hence, it is necessary to optimize the page load time of your website. 

  1. Image optimization

Content without images is bland and non-engaging. Images help gain the attention of your target market. While it is necessary to use high-quality images to supplement your content, it is also required that you optimize the images as well. This helps improve the page-load time. 

In order to optimize the images, elements like the size of the file and its format play an important role. In order to boost organic SEO ranking, the size of the file should be less. This helps the website to load quickly. You can compress the image size in order to optimize it. Further, using keywords in the title, alt tag, caption, description and field name of the image helps a lot. This helps link the image content with the search engine for boosting SEO ranking. 

  1. Header Tags

Proper formatting of the content helps enhance the experience of the visitor on the website. When the content has appropriate header tags, it inspires the readers to stay on the website. Readable content motivates readers to share it in their circle. 

Readers even return to the website to refer to the easy-to-read content. Header tags help break the content into different sections. Further, it allows the writer to sneak keywords in the heading as well. All these steps amp up the organic rankings of the website on Google.

  1. Content Layout

The layout of your website should be user-friendly. It helps improve the experience of the visitors. A clean design increases the dwell time of customers and keeps them engaged for a longer duration. These strategies boost the SEO and ultimately organic ranking. It is important to design a strong yet simple architecture for the website. 

You should use the appropriate font type and size to ensure readability. Make sure that the paragraphs are short and the line spacing is proper. Refrain from using bold font or italics frequently in the content. Users find bulleted content easy to refer to. Avoid using multiple images or ads to improve users’ trust in the website. 

  1. Meta description
meta description

A small window to give a sneak peek or a preview into the content of the webpage is a meta description. Search engines display this description under the title of the page. If the meta description is apt, the chances of visitors visiting the website are high. 

When the text is compelling, it amps up the click-through rate of the website. However, make sure not to use the same meta-text again. 

  1. Blogs

Initiate a blog that supports the content of your website. When you have a blog, a search engine recognizes the content on your website as a pool of information for the people. Blogging is one of the primary requirements to improve the SEO rankings on the internet. 

With the help of a blog, you can use the keywords frequently and improve the readability of the site. Blogs help attract visitors and keep them engaged effortlessly. Blog content allows you to use both images and content effectively. The trust of visitors to the website increases due to a credible blog.

  1. Outbound links

You should incorporate outbound links to your website to help improve its authority. Content relevance amps up along with the dwell time of the visitors. Search engines like Google give prominence to outbound links. 

Make sure that the outbound links are fresh and to credible sources. However, it is advisable not to go overboard with the links. Further, broken links can mar the credibility. Hence, it is necessary to fix them. 

  1. Keyword Research

Include relevant keywords in your article to boost organic rankings. Shape the content around keywords. This helps locate the website in the search engines. However, make sure that the keywords are used naturally and not stuffed for the sake of it. 

Hence, long copy becomes more useful in such instances. Generally, 2000-2500 words are considered to be ideal for higher ranking. Using more keywords helps increase the dwell time and ultimately lifts the conversion rates. 

In the end

It is necessary to increase the dwell time of your website. For this, use good quality material on the webpage. When the content is readable by all kinds of people, it helps increase shareability. High readability keeps the readers engaged for a longer duration. When the audience finds the content good, the traffic on the website increases and so does the ranking on the search engine. Make use of bullet points and short paragraphs and a simple language for the same. 

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Sakshi Baid works as a Product Associate at Refrens.com - Online Invoice Generator & India's most powerful platform for freelancer's growth. She has worked for some renowned companies as a Brand and Digital marketing associate.

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