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Got a startup blog business? Here's how to promote your blog

It's competitive to rank using blog content. But, it's one practical and cheap way to make it possible. Here we discussed all the strategies for that.

Did you start a business blog? Are you looking for new strategies to promote your blog? Well, consider yourself luck. In this guide, you will learn strategies and how to incorporate them into your blog promotion.

As a blogger, you should try to increase traffic to your website. However, since millions of blogs are written daily, you'll need to think creatively about how you market your site.

The following are some strategies that you can use to grow your blog:

Guest Post

Guess posting is an excellent tactic to use as a new blog trying to promote its content.

Like every other strategy to attract visitors to your website, guest posting is not without its own challenges. In fact, over the years, we’ve heard numerous reports of how guest posting hasn’t been effective for many people. That’s because they couldn’t beat the challenges.

However, there is a fix for you.

You simply need to hire the service of a professional guest posting company - an agency equipped with the right resources needed to execute an effective campaign.

These companies know how to help companies reap the benefits of guest posting. Hit the link above and reach out to one today. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did.

Publish Data-Driven content


You may also use this tactic for advertising your blog. This is because using data-driven content is a fantastic approach to making your blog unique.

The only drawback to this is how difficult and expensive it is to execute. There could be a lot of servers in front of you. Crawlers. Partners in data. Bugs problems. Several millions of data points.

So, if you want to implement this method, be prepared to put in a lot of effort.

However, if you are successful, many users will visit your website because your study will be cited and linked to by others.

Update and Upgrade old content

It won't be simply updating and upgrading old blog content. You might have to alter specific videos and photos when upgrading an older post, together with some of your previous tactics.

Depending on how many posts need to be upgraded. You can perhaps need several months or even a whole year to finish. Additionally, you can repeat this for all of your page's postings.

Syndication on LinkedIn

There are around 756 million users on LinkedIn. Despite those absurd statistics, hardly anyone discusses it.

I suppose this is excellent news for you since this indicates that LinkedIn is primarily untapped.

Again, you can gain significant attention by reposting your most amazing content on LinkedIn. The response you receive from that post on your website will surprise you.

It works since there aren't any interesting LinkedIn posts being made.

Therefore, you may immediately stand out when you publish something cool.

Facebook Boosted Posts (With Retargeting)

It's no secret that most pages' current Facebook organic reach is almost zero percent.

Facebook CPCs are becoming more pricey. (In particular, if you work in the B2B sector.) This implies that if you want your posts to be viewed, you need to boost them.

However, retargeting allows you to reduce your CPC by 25–75%.

The Super Simple Newsletter

The best technique to advertise new posts is through newsletters. All you have to do is write straightforward newsletters. You don't need to include ornate graphics, a protracted introduction, photos, etc.

You only need to include a brief introduction and a link to the content.

Cross-Pollinate Your Audience

By inviting new email subscribers to follow you on Twitter, you can also increase the volume of visitors to your website.

Promote a podcast

An excellent way to access content while on the road is through podcasts. They're also accessible on several well-known platforms, such as YouTube, Google Play, iTunes, and Spotify. That could also be why over 100 million Americans listen to podcasts monthly.

With such large audiences, podcasts offer the ideal platforms for interacting with new readers. Even better, there are numerous ways to interact with this medium.

Listeners will undoubtedly want to hear more from you if you come off as an intriguing blogger with something to say. Since many podcasts rely on sponsorships, you may donate money in exchange for an advertisement or byline. Alternatively, you might be a podcast guest, expert, or interviewee.

You might wish to visit a podcast's website to learn more about how to identify these changes. Instead, most podcasters are actively searching for collaborators on social media.

Instead of becoming sidetracked by huge viewing numbers, finding a niche podcast that appeals to your target demographic for the best outcomes is advisable.

Speak in gatherings

Although blogs are digital, you can still advertise them in person. You can establish real-world connections with prospective new readers by giving a speech at live events or online conferences.

Finding a gathering that your target audience is likely to attend is crucial. These occasions can range from a small neighbourhood meetup to a conference. If participants enjoy your presentation, they might decide to visit your blog.

Again, social media may be a terrific resource for finding important events. As a result, you might wish to join Facebook, Slack, or LinkedIn groups relevant to your blog's subject.

Also, you can search for websites that promote events. Then register for one that is related to your niche as a blogger.

Finally, maximising your speaking opportunities is crucial once you've landed one. It frequently entails advertising your participation on social media, blogging about your experience, and sometimes even filming the event.

Attendees can learn about your blog and your influence in the industry by using any of these tactics.

Make YouTube videos with your content

In 2020, YouTube reached roughly 74% in the US. That is a benefit that deserves to be pursued.

It requires time to produce good videos. We advise turning your blogs into videos as a result. You should be able to create high-quality clips faster because a lot of your information is already out there.

It might only involve posting the highlights from your most recent blog post. Then, you can add a link to the relevant post in the video description to entice viewers to view it.

However, you may select the best parts of other blogs. Using this method, you can produce skyscraper content that sounds unique. You can use several postings as your sources, which might lead to more traffic.

Associating with micro- and macro-influencers

Someone who has a sizable internet following is an influencer. Influencers can advertise your blog to their followers like conventional celebrity endorsements. They might post your work on social media or mention your blog in the caption of their most recent YouTube video.

Finding the ideal partner is crucial for influencer marketing to succeed. Selecting an influencer who's following corresponds to your target market will yield the best results.

Again, while it's simple to concentrate on the number of subscribers, you could also want to think about collaborating with a micro-influencer who works in your industry.

This tactic will enable you to attract a receptive audience, and research indicates that micro-influencers also enjoy excellent engagement rates. This number is particularly noteworthy on TikTok, where micro-influencers want 17.96% engagement compared to 4.96% for mega-influencers.

Finally, searching for relevant hashtags on social media might help you find the ideal influencer partner. Alternatively, you can use a network like Fiverr to identify influencers actively looking for partners.

Locate valuable niche bookmarking pages

You can share your blog with a completely new audience by using bookmarking websites. But it's crucial to avoid overreacting.

You risk being called a spammer if you bookmark each new article on various bookmarking websites. This title can draw negative attention to you and harm your blog's reputation.

We advise locating bookmarking websites that specialize in your particular niche. This tactic raises the likelihood that readers will respond favorably to your writing.

There are many specialized bookmarking websites, according to a short Internet search. You might publish your content on the BizSugar website.

Create a membership section

One effective strategy for converting one-time visitors into devoted recurring customers is to use membership features. Your readers might feel more invested in your blog after completing the registration procedure, making them more motivated to keep visiting.

You will typically gather members' contact information during the registration process. These readers can then be targeted via email marketing.

For instance, you could establish a newsletter containing a summary of your most recent posts.

Additionally, you can limit access to your content based on membership level roles if you install an advanced membership plugin. The exclusivity that these role-based permissions can create can boost engagement.

Eye-catching social media images

Using social media images can make a huge difference in your blog promotion.

You should try using images that will stand out on your website. It will help you increase the traffic that comes to your website.

Share your blog's best content on TikTok and Snapchat

Although some experts dispute it, it is generally accepted that people's attention spans are getting shorter. Whether this is a myth or not, you might benefit from compressing the highlights of your most recent post into a little clip.

Short-form video platforms like TikTok and Snapchat are best suited for material that is quick and simple.

Also, you can include a link to the entire post in your profile after drawing a user in with a quick video. Alternatively, you can choose a service that only allows you to link one profile, like Linktree.

Furthermore, promoting your blogs on video-sharing networks could be profitable, with TikTok alone having over one billion monthly subscribers. However, these websites guarantee the most significant advantages for blogs that cater to a younger audience.

Comment on third-party blogs

You can increase your online visibility by getting involved in the community rather than seeing other bloggers as competitors. Finding the best websites in your niche can be your first step.

Also, you might complete this step by typing relevant terms into your preferred search engine. Alternatively, you can look up top blogger lists using words like "top web design blogs."

It's now time to participate after finding these outside blogs. You'll start to establish a name for yourself and a presence in the community if you start leaving frequent comments.

But you must refrain from spamming. Only comment if it contributes something worthwhile to the conversation. You should also think twice before engaging in self-promotion.

Embedding tweetable quotes

With nearly 78 million users only in the US, Twitter offers a significant potential to advertise your blog. You may encourage users to spread your information by generating tweetable quotes. These ready-made quotes perfectly accommodate the character limit on Twitter.

However, a pre-written tweet containing the text will be created when a reader clicks on this quote. Thanks to this feature, sharing your blog in an interesting style is simple.

Again, you can use a plugin like Better Click to Tweet to add tweetable quotes to your blogs. With the use of a shortcode or editing block, this tool allows you to insert a quote into any of your web pages.

Finally, strive to choose wording that creates an emotional response when determining what to include in your quote. This could range from interest to agreement to open disagreement, depending on the circumstance.

Create and grow a strong readership

You need viewers for your site to benefit the most. But where can you find them?

There are several ways to start and grow a loyal readership, including email subscribers, social media, and a CTA on your website.

By carefully curating an email list, you can give your blog the attention it needs by directly informing readers when new content is posted. Additionally, publishing a link to a particular blog post on social media with appropriate hashtags and clever tagging may increase interaction.

If users are already on your website, what happens? If your blog's content is pertinent to what they're already reading, include a link to it.

You might, for instance, attach a link to a blog post about how to care for rugs if they're purchasing one properly. One recommended practice is a CTA button that lets readers instantly subscribe to your blog.

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