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7 Proven Ways a San Jose SEO company can help your Businesses with better Ranking

We described detailed information regarding how San Jose SEO company can help your business with better traffic, sales, and ranking.

The importance of Internet exposure to business

It is official; every business in today’s world needs some form of internet exposure.

As we both know, the internet is where consumers find products and services they need nowadays.

If your business isn’t there, then you risk becoming unknown to the vast majority of those that might be interested in what you’re offering.

How to expose your business on the internet

The fastest way to gain internet exposure is through SEO – Search Engine optimization.

We say SEO because search engines are the most trusted internet tools people use to find and reach businesses. I bet you’ve used Google today!

However, getting your business’ SEO done is not as straightforward as you might think. Usually, you have to find the best company to give the job to. But seeing as there are thousands of SEO companies around, it is often challenging finding the right one.

Based on research, though, the best ones come from San Jose.

We recommend a San Jose SEO Company because San Jose – otherwise known as the home of Silicon Valley – is the technology capital of the world. And most IT companies that emerge from this region tend to be better than most of their peers.

Maybe Silicon Valley is responsible for that!

So, what exactly will a San Jose SEO Company do to help your business on the internet?

Let’s find out!

7 Proven Ways a San Jose SEO company can help your Businesses with better Ranking

1.       They can help you fix the flaws on your business website

Strange as it may sound, some business websites are actually flawed at their core. Sometimes it is the design. Other times, it is the content.

Anyways, when this happens, the site’s SEO becomes affected, making it difficult for whatever business the site carries to appear on the internet (search engines especially).

When you hire a competent SEO Company, like the ones from San Jose, they will perform a thorough audit on your site to figure out whether there are any lingering flaws.

If detected, they’ll fix all of them.

Furthermore, as a company situated in the technology capital of the world, San Jose SEO Companies are usually equipped with the best SEO analytical and audit tools, thus ensuring that their results are unmatched.

Like that isn’t enough, when a new SEO audit tool drops, SEO companies in San Jose are usually the first set of ears to hear about it.

2.       They can help you beat your competitors on the SERPs

The major challenge that most business websites face on the internet is competition. While you’re trying to get your business noticed on the digital plane, other businesses too are doing the same.

Now, the business that gets recognized first (i.e. rank atop of search engine results) is the one with the best SEO campaign.

If you stop and think about it, you’ll realize that internet exposure (i.e. search engine ranking) is not really a battle between businesses, but rather a battle between SEO companies.

The better the company you hire, the greater your chances of ranking atop your competitors.

In that case, what better company is there to guarantee a spot on Google’s top pages than a company situated in the very heart of internet technology?

Hire a San Jose SEO Company today, and you just might beat those other businesses using agencies from other parts of the world.

3.       They can guarantee more customers, and invariably more sales

The way search engines work is that the site with the highest-ranking enjoys the biggest share of the visitors' pie.

In other words, if you want most of the internet searchers searching for products relating to your business to visit your website, all you have to do is occupy the top spot of the SERPs.

But in order to occupy the top spot, you need to beat the competition – that is, businesses that are currently occupying that position.

As we’ve already pointed out in #2 above, helping a business beat its competition is kind of the forte of a San Jose SEO Company.

So, when you hire a San Jose SEO Company, you can rest assured that a good chunk of searchers in your industry will always choose you. Meaning more customers and more sales for you.

4.       They can easily help you target the San Jose Metro area

The San José metro area is the most connected region in the United States according to the 2015 American Communities Survey.

Even though the city was once combated with issues of internet and digital divide, the recent mayoral and entrepreneurial exploits have meant that almost everyone in San Jose now has internet access.

As part of the quest to get all of San Jose on the internet, Mayor Sam Liccardo and his chief innovation officer, Shireen Santosam, hired Dolan Beckel to create a sustainable model that expands connectivity and digital services across San Jose. 

Now, while your business may not be situated in San Jose, the great level of internet inclusion in the region means that if you’re able to target and enter the San Jose market, your business might benefit greatly.

The only thing you need is help to expose your business to the residents of San Jose. And that, my friend, is piece of cake for a San Jose SEO Company.

With their level of expertise, and familiarity with the region, a San Jose SEO Company is able to create the perfect local SEO campaign your business needs to appear in front of the always-online residents of San Jose.

5.       Improve your website’s user-friendliness

Unlike traditional store customers, internet users are impatient. If you keep them waiting for too long, poof, they’re gone.

Besides waiting time, they’re also demanding the best web experience from every business on the internet.

Some of the common problems that companies face include:

  • Slow page uploads (often due to older, slower designs)
  • Poor responsiveness for mobile devices
  • Unfriendly or confusing design of their pages

 If your website fails in these areas, you will find it difficult to attract or keep users on your site.

But, of course, you don’t have to worry about any of that if you have a San Jose SEO Company at your beck and all.

Outside of maximizing the impact of your content, a San Jose SEO agency has the ability to redesign your website to bring it up to date with our fast-paced and increasingly mobile society.

6.       Accelerate your marketing ROI

As it is, anyone can handle a website’s SEO campaigns. Even random business owners can DIY simple SEO techniques.

But the reason we don’t see too many people handling their site’s SEO campaigns is because these campaigns require a certain level of expertise, skill-set, and tools – all of which may not be available to random individuals.

In the same vein, not all SEO agencies are created equal. Which means that some agencies might be more skilled than others.

In that case, if you want to get a great and fast result from any investment you’ve made in SEO, your best bet is to hire capable hands like a San Jose SEO Company.

Unlike many average-level agencies, San Jose SEO Companies have skilled professionals that know the ins and outs of SEO marketing strategies. They can optimize efficiencies in processes (like multi-platform social media posting) and create targeted plans around high-value spending holidays, events, and seasonal trends.

Of course, SEO is essential, but the same reason why you can’t attempt to DIY it is the same reason you can’t afford to have an average-level agency handling it for you.

Want an accelerated campaign that reaches audiences in little to no time? Try a San Jose SEO Company!

7.       They make you seen by your local audience

How many times have you added the phrase “near me” or “around me” to your Google search? Or maybe you just typed {What you’re looking for in XXX city}.

When you do this, the goal is to find local answers to your queries – i.e. shops or stores offering what you want around you.

This is called a local-intent search. And according to GoGulf, 46% of all daily searches on Google have local intent.

I.e. approximately 5 out of every 10 persons that search for something relating to your business do a local search.

With facts like these, you don’t need any convincing you of the importance of local SEO. It is a MUST!

Unfortunately, executing a local SEO campaign is quite harder than ordinary SEO campaigns. This is because of the so many intricate details involved.

To prove that to you, if you check for various SEO companies online, you’ll notice that not all of them offer this service.

But, of course, SEO Company San Jose does!

Again, this is another reason to choose a San Jose SEO Company ahead of any other company out there.


Everybody knows that business owners have so much on their plates. So, asking them to combine SEO marketing campaigns with what is already a hectic task is definitely a burden.

However, that’s what companies like San Jose SEO are there for.

They will help you handle all your internet exposure needs through SEO, thereby cementing your place at the top of the SERPs, beating your competitors in the process, and drawing in more sales.

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